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Photon self hosted website is up and running

Photon self hosted website is up and running

Loic d'Anterroches
2011-02-25 @ 14:04

I am very pleased to announce that Photon has finally a self hosted website.

As a reminder, Photon is a PHP (5.3.2+) framework which has been
developed to work specifically behind Mongrel2. The goal of the
framework is to stay small and fast. All the "extra" which tend to make
the current frameworks a bit bloated will be pushed other projects. So,
yes, you are able to use the ORM you want, etc...

The server specs are:

- small OpenVZ VM with 256MB of RAM, 1 core. It servers 3000 req/s for
  a static file and 1000 req/s for the about page. No caching.
- Photon 0.0.4
- Mongrel 1.5 and associated procer
- zmq 2.0.10
- 3 single thread Photon handlers to reply to Mongrel2.

Some remarks:

- It is really easy to get Mongrel2 up and running on a bare
  Ubuntu/debian installation. It means that it will be easy
  to write a tutorial "from bare Ubuntu to a chat server".
- Both Photon itself and Mongrel2 are running under supervision of
  procer. Procer itself is not supervised.
- CSS and everything is going through the handler, I was too lazy to
  setup a Dir handler for the assets. But the PEAR channel is only static with a Dir().
- I suppose this is one of the first full website in production
  running both Mongrel2 and PHP. Can I claim the crown? ;-)

With respect to Photon itself:

- The documentation is still lacking a tutorial and some core
  components are not yet available (especially form validation).
- It is still "alpha" release.
- A good example is missing.

Next week I will start to port a "real" website on top of
Mongrel2/Photon. A chemical search engine:
This will be a good test of the tandem.

For specific Photon discussion, you are welcome here:

So, thank you all for your hard work and contributions, it works! :)

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