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Photon-lite ?

Photon-lite ?

2011-12-26 @ 12:14

First of all, merry christmas ! :)

I finally spent some time playing with Mongrel2, 0MQ and Photon, and I
really love it. My first project was about porting a script that converts
and resize some pictures on-the-fly...which is not what Photon should be
best at, but it works really well and I now have 1 service that provides
pictures for N websites.

Anyway, while coding my little project, I realized that a big part of
Photon code is *useless* for me. So I was wondering if Loïc or anyone else
had build a lite version of the framework, stripping everything but the
core (Mongrel2 / 0MQ / request / response / conf) parts ?

If not, is it something you guys would be interested in ? What would you
keep and what would you remove ?