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Fwd: Server with Port Forwarding implementation

Fwd: Server with Port Forwarding implementation

Slavey Karadzhov
2014-07-04 @ 07:36
Hi guys,
   I am pretty new to Paramiko and have some questions about implementing a
I want to allow and create SSH server that allows port-forwarding based on
port and the username of the client.

Q1: I saw that in the server I have to override the
check_port_forward_request(self, address, port) method. How can I inside of
this method get information about the currently authenticated user? Is
there something like session object?

Q2: Do I have to write code to create the tunnel for me or the server
itself already has code that is doing this based on the response from
check_port_forward_request? If I have to create new connection can someone
provide on example what to do?

Thanks in advance.