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Paramiko on Windows

Paramiko on Windows

Hans Schmidt
2014-06-04 @ 14:31

I am trying to use Paramiko on Windows. Paramiko itself works, but I
have a problem with the known hosts. Of course, there is no known hosts
file on Windows, so I tried to convert the known hosts of Putty via a
script ( to an OpenSSH style known
hosts file. This seemed to work, but still, I cannot let Paramiko use
this file.

Ideally, I would like to have one known_hosts line specifically for the
server and then supply this line manually to Paramiko. Is this possible?
I have only found the methods load_host_keys() and
load_system_host_keys(), but there is no way to load a host key from a

I hope somebody can help me how to properly use Paramiko on Windows 
I’d rather not disabling host key verification altogether.