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Dan Mahoney
2014-03-25 @ 20:08
I've got an interesting problem. I'm writing a snippet application (similar
to a plugin) to run inside of EM7 (a complex monitoring application, sort
of like nagios on steroids).  My code needs to make an ssh connection to
another machine and run a script, grabbing the text that gets written to

When I run my script in the python interpreter it runs just fine. When I
let EM7 run it, I get
BadAuthenticationType: Bad authentication type (allowed_types = ['public
key', 'keyboard-interactive'])

Doesn't the "keyboard-interactive" part of allowed_types = ['public key',
'keyboard-interactive'] mean that username/password logins are allowed?

The code I'm trying to use looks like:

server = ''
user = 'em7status'
passwd = 'the appropriate password'
timeout = 5
ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()
ssh.connect(server, username=user, password=passwd, timeout=float(timeout),
allow_agent=True )

Suggestions as to why this is crapping out?

Dan Mahoney

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