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Ottawa Android needs your help

Ottawa Android needs your help

Simon MacDonald
2015-01-13 @ 00:37
Hi all,

Ottawa Android needs your help. Since last July we've really been able
to grow the group. Back in June we had about 5 people per meeting and
now we are pulling in around 30 with over 120 people signed up in this
meetup group.

That's great news but we are in immediate need of a co-organizer. I
love organizing Ottawa Android but the next four months are going to
be difficult for me with work and personal commitments. Looking at the
upcoming schedule I will be out of the country for at least two of the
next four meetings. So if you think you can be of some assistance I'd
love to hear from you.

Even if you can't commit to being an organizer you can help out by
volunteering to do a presentation or talking your company into
sponsoring the pizza at one of our upcoming meetings or volunteering a
meeting space.

As well our meetup dues are, well, due. Meetup costs $72 for 6 months
of service and you might be thinking that's a lot of money for what it
offers but I've found it invaluable in growing the membership and
communicating with all of you. If your company would like to step up
and sponsor our meetup dues you will gain my gratitude and a spot on
the website as a valued sponsor.

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday January 21st
but I need you help in making it happen.


Simon Mac Donald