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Reminder - August Meeting Tomorrow @ The Code Factory

Reminder - August Meeting Tomorrow @ The Code Factory

Christopher Saunders
2012-08-15 @ 00:33
Hey Everyone,

Once again it's our monthly meeting for Ottawa Android.

This month we'll have David Underwood doing a presentation on integrating 
Google Play in app purchases (he can correct me on that tomorrow) into 
your application.  He recently used this functionality to add IAPs to his 
MTG LifeDial app. If you are interested in seeing the app in action, you 
can grab a copy from the play store.

I'll also be doing a presentation on how to integrate maven into your 
android projects as well as using maven for integrating Robolectric and 
Mockito.  Robolectric is a library that makes it so you can run your 
android unit tests in the JVM instead of on a device or in the simulator, 
which drastically reduces how long it takes to get your results.  Mockito 
is a Java mocking library for Java that provides mocks.  Mocking is 
awesome, you should love it and I'll show you why!

Looking forward to seeing you there!