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droidhack reminder

droidhack reminder

Don Kelly
2011-09-07 @ 17:59
For those who may've forgotten, there's a droidhack the weekend (Sept 10).

We'll be providing access to the devices that I presented at the last
meetup. The aim of this is to let our local community get some time to
play with a cool new device. We're also really interested in providing
feedback to the client's teams who have worked on this project.
They're incredibly interested in finding out how tough (or simple) it
is for Android developers to port and/or implement new applications
using the tutorials and SDK extensions we've made.

To help this process along, we've got the SDK Lead from the client
coming to the session. Rob and I will also be there to help people
out. We'll also be (quickly) walking through a tutorial that Rob

Hope to see you there,