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Fwd: Consulting Opportunities

Fwd: Consulting Opportunities

Simon MacDonald
2011-09-16 @ 17:32

Simon Mac Donald

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From: Vanessa Jalbert (Dunne) <>
Date: Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Consulting Opportunities
To: Simon Mac Donald <>

 Hi Simon,

I was reaching out to see if you knew anyone looking for a 6 month contract
to develop Android applications. The positions (there are 3) are in Ottawa.

Please feel free to pass along my contact information!

Thanks and have a great day,


Vanessa Jalbert
Manager - Practice Delivery

 613.722.8843 x128
( 613.203.3235

Follow me @ Twitter: trm_vanessa
Connect with me @ LinkedIn:

TRM Technologies Inc.
280 Albert Street, Suite 1000
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 5G8
T 613.722.8843
F 613.722.8574
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