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Android help needed...

Android help needed...

Matt MacKenzie
2010-06-08 @ 20:19

Sorry if this is a rude way of using your list... but I may have a short 
term (to possible long term) opportunity for someone who likes coding 
Android apps, and happens to be good at it.

I'd like to find someone with some decent Android skills to help my team 
here at Adobe Ottawa from now to the end of August, with potential to pick
up an extension or better in the fall.  If you run some kind of 
consultancy, we may be able to work together as well.  I'd really like to 
keep this contract in the Ottawa region, so please feel free to drop me a 
line introducing yourself to<>, and 
we can setup some phone time.


Matt MacKenzie | Sr. Manager, Software Development | Adobe Systems | p. 
613.940.3631 | c. 613.884.6843 |<>