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Next Ottawa Android Meeting - 15 December 2010

Next Ottawa Android Meeting - 15 December 2010

Christopher Saunders
2010-12-11 @ 04:44
Hello Everyone,

This is just a reminder that next Wednesday (15th Dec) is the next 
meeting.  As usual it's happening at The Code Factory (246 Queen St) and 
it start's at 6:30pm.

We currently don't have anything on the schedule, though if someone has 
started playing with some of the new features in the Gingerbread SDK, 
that would probably be something kinda neat to show off.

I've been playing around with su on rooted devices.  If people are 
interested in knowing about programming android apps with root access I 
could perhaps do a little presentation about that.

Feel free to send us a line, and we'll be sure to add you to the agenda.