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TEDxKids Volunteers Needed

TEDxKids Volunteers Needed

Christopher Saunders
2010-11-06 @ 18:21
Hi Everyone,

I friend of mine informed me that one of the organizers of an upcoming 
event called TEDxKids is going to be happening next Wednesday and they 
are looking for some volunteers that are involved in the various 
technical communities.

Some of the things they need help with are more of a tech support kind 
of role (helping with registrations, ensuring presenters slides will 
work, etc) as well as helping out with a scavenger hunt that the kids 
will be doing, since it is quite possible that the kids won't have 

For more information about the event you can check out

If you are interested in volunteering you can get a hold of Lindsay 
Aranoff by email ( or by sending her a line on 
twitter @aranoff.