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Pirate Radius

Pirate Radius

Bert Balcaen
2015-03-31 @ 14:30
Hello list,

Quick intro: I'm Bert, living in Belgium and Spain. I do a bit of 
teaching in KASK, an arts and design school in Ghent, Belgium. I've been 
lurking around this community for a while, following the list and the 
talks at Transmediale and CCC.

We recently had a project week at school, which means students from 
different disciplines (graphic design, musical instrument design, 
fashion, media arts, ...) collaborate on projects during one week. I 
organized a workshop on offline networks, and one of the results was 
Pirate Radius, a mashup of the Pirate Box and Pi FM projects. It 
basically turns a Raspberry Pirate Box into an FM radio that plays black 
the audio uploaded by the community. It was a good project to introduce 
our students to new skills (some electronics and a bit of Linux) and to 
have them think about what a 'public computer' could be (vs 'personal 
computing'). It's also great for involving people from different 
backgrounds: webdesign, woodworking, radio making, etc are all very 
useful here.

We've built 2 so far: one of them is in our restaurant, and another one 
in one of our studios. We might develop this a bit further in the future.

Here's some technical documentation in English: And here's some more 
general info on our project week (in Dutch only). Topic was 'open 

We also built a dead drop for our school and had a good time visiting 
the dead drops in our city.

Shout out to all the project initiators for making this possible.


+32 486 52 25 95