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Offline Networks Unite! Field Notes

Offline Networks Unite! Field Notes

Minuette Le
2015-02-03 @ 17:31
After the great turnout TM, a few of us talked and thought it would be 
interesting to capture some further reflections from the off.networks 

I would like to curate a collection ‘field notes’ from our discussion 
(this was inspired by the Critical Media Lab booklet that was floating 
around at TM). Different from manifest/o, it would showcase individual 
voices here, and thought it might be a good way to display both 
commonalities and differences between each of the projects here. Loose 
thoughts, ideas encouraged. 

I would like to ask each of you the following three questions:
1. What are Off Networks? Conceptually, the on-off dichotomy doesn’t seem 
to work in all cases as previously mentioned - is a beside- para-, sub-, 
alter- or hybrid thereof?
2. Why are Off Networks necessary today?
3. What are the current blindspots, words of caution? (ease of use, 
precarity, instability? Any specific accounts of what can go/went wrong)

You can reply to this thread or here in the shared document (towards the 
bottom, just cut and paste the questions with your responses): 

Minuette Le
Design Researcher
Open-Here Project
Centre for Digital Cultures
Leuphana Universität