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Invitation to SIAM CS&E Minisymposium

Invitation to SIAM CS&E Minisymposium

Andy Ray Terrel
2012-08-08 @ 19:10
Hello all,

I'm putting together a minisymposium at SIAM CS&E 2013 ( ) on Fast Numerical Code in High
Level Languages.  Having a speaker from your community would be a
wonderful addition to our minisymposium. Unfortunately tight deadlines
means I need an answer by Friday (Aug 10).  Can any of you come?

If you agree please provide a draft title of your presentation.  We
will then follow up with instructions for you to submit a 75-word
abstract to the conference system.  Unfortunately, SIAM does not
provide travel support for minisymposium speakers.

Title: Fast numerical computing with high-level languages


The scientific computing workflow includes many advanced tasks that require
fast specialized tools.  Researchers have responded through the use of
high-level languages that hide many of the complexities in each of these
tools. Unfortunately this leaves a dichotomy in the development of applications
with high level code piping to the low-level tools with numerous
practical problems.

We present many successful approaches to mitigate this two level coding
hierarchy.  The approaches range from Just In Time (JIT) compiling,
meta-programming tools, and better wrapping tools with domain specific

-- Andy

Andy R. Terrel, Ph.D.
Texas Advanced Computing Center
University of Texas at Austin