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Newman 0.3.0 Released!

Newman 0.3.0 Released!

Gregory Brown
2012-03-09 @ 01:03

- Added documentation of all settings that can be modified via Newman 
configuration files.

- Added `Newman::Server#simple!`, which combines some of the flexibility 
of manually building a server object with sensible defaults. This method 
is useful for building simple tick-based servers, or for tweaking small 
details such as which logger you want to use.

- Allow a locals hash to be passed to tilt via 
`Newman::Controller#template`, and added some integration tests for 
template support.

**Behavior Changes:**

- Caching of logger object is less aggressive now, allowing
   `Newman::Server#logger=` to be called at any time to change the
   logger object used by the server.

- `` no longer accepts a custom logger argument.
    Use `Newman::Server#logger=` instead.

- Locked explicitly to mail v2.3.0, because we're being bit by an upstream
   bug. We will try to lock more optimistically in a future release of

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