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newman-scheduler instance running

newman-scheduler instance running

Eric G
2012-03-12 @ 18:45
Hello Greg and all,

I re-worked the

given Greg's feedback
here <>.

I have an instance of it running if you'd like to take a look / bang at it.

It has a very simple mailing list built in (which doesn't actually forward
any messages, but just handles subscribing/unsubscribing to a list).  This
is just for testing purposes, a real setup would have mail_whale behind it.

To subscribe to a list 'foo':
To unsubscribe:          

Once you're subscribed then you can see instructions for using
newman-scheduler by sending an email to:

The three basic commands are

1. Propose a new event:     
 (with a specific syntax in the subject line)
2. Send availability for an event:
(with a specific syntax in the body)
3. Request the best times:  

I'd be glad to have any feedback,