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Dropping Ruby 1.8.x support

Dropping Ruby 1.8.x support

Graham Ashton
2013-03-09 @ 19:57
The next version of Nesta will require Ruby 1.9.2 or later.

Ruby 1.8.7 has reached the end of it's life, Rails 4 will require Ruby 1.9
or later, and I'd like to make use of some cleaner syntax that 1.9 has 

It seems like a good time to make the switch. Let me know if this is going
to cause you major problems.

I'd recommend everybody use 1.9.3 or above if possible. I haven't tried 
Nesta on Ruby 2 yet, but I will do soon.


Graham Ashton
Founder, Agile Planner | @agileplanner | @grahamashton