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Announcing nesta-rails

Announcing nesta-rails

Graham Ashton
2012-07-06 @ 09:17
I've been using Nesta in a handful of Rails apps. I used to mount it as a 
Rack app and fiddle around with trying to share view templates and CSS 
between Rails and Sinatra, but it was messy.

Then Wynn told me how he'd written a Rails controller that used Nesta to 
render the files in content/pages; because it's a Rails controller all 
templates and CSS are automatically available. Extreme cunning!

I've packaged the idea up in a generator, that you can install with the 
nesta-rails gem. I'm currently using it on two sites.

Installation instructions are in the README:

If try it you'll need to install nesta off the master branch on GitHub, as
nesta-rails depends on a patch that Micah submitted since 0.9.13 (I just 
haven't had time to test and release 0.10.0 yet).

Graham Ashton
Founder, The Agile Planner | @agileplanner | @grahamashton