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For those of you still using shotgun..

For those of you still using shotgun..

Nathanael D. Jones
2012-11-09 @ 05:45
Switch to Thin + Rerun. For me, it's over 10x faster.

Pages now load in < 150 ms, changes take effect 2-4 seconds after they are
saved (reloading is active, not passive, so typically it's ready when you
hit the reload button, and the 400ms boot time only happens on the first
request, not for each one).

Add this to your Gemfile:

gem "debugger", :group => :development
gem "thin", :group => :development
gem "rerun", :group => :development

Then set up a shell script shortcut to call rerun+thin

rerun --pattern
"**/*.{rb,js,css,scss,sass,erb,html,haml,ru,haml,md,mdown,markdown}" --
thin start --debug --port=4001

It only takes a few minutes to set up - and it's worth it.

Hope this helps,
Nathanael Jones