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Nesta 0.9.7 released

Nesta 0.9.7 released

Graham Ashton
2011-08-20 @ 22:13
Version 0.9.7 has been released and is available from

Upgrade instructions can be found on the blog:

This release contains two new features and a handful of bug fixes. The 
features are best described as “small, but useful”:

- There’s a new renderer method called stylesheet that can convert a Sass 
or SCSS format stylesheet into a CSS file. Previously you had to choose 
which format your site or theme would use and stick with it, or override 
Nesta’s behaviour if you didn’t like the default format (Sass). The 
stylesheet method was contributed by Isaac Cambron.

- Menus are rendered as unordered lists. If you wanted to write CSS to 
highlight the menu item corresponding to the current page, you couldn’t do
it. In 0.9.7 you can; the current page's list item has the class of 

You may have noticed that we’ve skipped version 0.9.6. This release should
have been numbered 0.9.6, but there was a bug in the version of Rubygems 
that I used to build and deploy it and I had to remove the gem from I then had to rebuild the gem using a new version number.