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Nesta recipes

Nesta recipes

Graham Ashton
2011-10-03 @ 10:21
I was chatting to @adamstac ( a couple of weeks ago, and he
suggested that it would be useful to write some articles on how to 
approach solving various problems in Nesta.

Short "how to" style articles that support the core documentation with 
practical examples. I had a few in mind, but hadn't quite worked out where
to put them. Adam suggested calling them "recipes".

So far I've written three, two of which have been mentioned on the mailing
list already. You can see the full list here:

If you want to read new ones as they come out, your best bet is to 
subscribe to the Atom feed (they're all published as blog posts).

What's coming next?

I'd like your input on what would be most useful to the community. I've 
created some issues on the site's GitHub repo that explain future articles
that I've got in mind. Feel free to add a +1 on anything that you'd find 
interesting/useful; it'll help us to work through them in a useful order.

Also feel free to add new ideas for recipes, and +1 other people's suggestions.

I'd really like people to get involved in writing these things (open 
blogging style - see [1]), and am looking for articles from mailing list 
members. If you write a recipe I'll set up a web bio page for you (as 
described in [2]).

Wynn already has one in the pipeline. :-)

If you'd like to contribute one of the recipes in the issue tracker just 
comment on the issue saying that you're going to work on it, fork the repository, add the article, and send me a pull request. I'll
sort you out your template bio template, then we can publish.