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Nesta 0.9.3

Nesta 0.9.3

Graham Ashton
2011-01-18 @ 18:45
I've just pushed release 0.9.3 to There are more significant
changes than usual in this release, so I recommend reading of the CHANGES 

Here are the commits:

Most of the new functionality arose as a direct result of me making 
Nesta's new web site (still not released, sorry).

The biggest change is that you're now required to create a file in 
content/pages for the home page.

## The new docs

The only code changes I envisage now before the gem becomes the "one true 
way" are bug fixes that you guys report, so I'm now working full time on 
the new docs.

Nearly there... will email when they're up.

## Upgrading an existing site

If you're using one of my HTML4 themes (which means all of them) you'll 
want to create a content/pages/index.haml file that looks something like 
this (all on one line):

  = haml :summaries, :layout => false, :locals => { :pages => 
latest_articles, :heading => :h2 }

The breadcrumb in an HTML4 theme may break too; I patched like this:

If you're using the default HTML5 theme that comes with the gem, use this instead:

If you get stuck you'll probably find me hanging around in #nesta on 
freenode, at least for the duration of today and tomorrow (I'm off to 
#naconf for the end of the week though).