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News Update

News Update

Craig Jolicoeur
2010-01-06 @ 18:52
To all the long-time MMA HQ readers,

To make a very long story short, I am in the process of selling

I've been in negotiations with several different companies over the
past few months, and am finally nearing completion of selling the
website to someone else.

You all obviously know how things have slowed down on the site in the
past few months from me.  There haven't been as many posts and things
lately.  Especially since the holidays started, these past few weeks
have seen really no updates and that's because I'm in the process of
finalizing the sale.  Unless, the purchase falls through,
will most likely be under new ownership sometime next week.

What the new owners plan to do with the site, I don't really know.
They have purchased the domain name ( and all the existing
site content.  My guess is that they will attempt to continue to run
the site as it currently stands, just be aware that the new content is
not being posted by me.  They may completely change the site and how
it operates, I really have no idea.

After 5+ years of doing MMA HQ, I've finally received an offer to buy
the site that was good enough for me to accept, and I've decided to

It wasn't an easy decision, but the time is right for me.

MMA HQ started out before the first TUF show ever aired (although it
wasn't on the domain name back then) and has been in steady
operation since then.   Along the way, the past few years have seen
hundreds of other MMA websites start up, most of them simply reposting
the same exact news as each other.

For a while I struggled with what direction to take MMA HQ in.  I
didn't want to simply be another "fish in the sea" of MMA blogs and
thats why I haven't really posted 10+ articles a day of every little
news article and rumor that comes along like other sites.  I've tried
to keep MMA HQ for what I considered to be "important" MMA news and my
personal opinion pieces like even previews and contests.

But, what I contributed to MMA HQ didn't (and still doesn't) define
the site.  All of you, the daily readers and commenters, are what has
made MMA HQ the site that it is.  MMA HQ really has become much more
of a community MMA site than just a simple news site.  Even though
none of us have ever met, we feel like we really know the
personalities of they other "keyboard warriors" we talk MMA with.  I
want to thank you all for bringing that to the site.

That being said, I still have my feet wet in the MMA world and am
involved in a few different MMA-related startups.  Nothing that I can
really discuss at this time, but stay subscribed to this mailing list
and I'll post news from time to time.

For the more immediate future, I want to solicit some feedback here.
Like I've said, I feel that the strength and uniqueness of MMA HQ has
always been the community that surrounds it.  While I'm selling, I will still retain the rights to  I'm wide open
to suggestions on how to utilize if you all are interested
in keeping that "community" going.

I completely understand that this isn't personal in any way for all of
you like it is for me as the sites creator and owner, but if you all
would like to stick around and continue the MMA community we've built
up, I'd love to do it.  We can do it on, or I can buy a
completely new MMA domain name that we all come up with.

The only question and discussion point I have is what kind of site
should we build.  A simple blog site doesn't cut it anymore, and I've
discussed earlier.  Basic forums don't work either as they are too
impersonal, too inviting to simple "trolling" and just don't provide a
way for good discussion.

The MMA "online scene" has really remained the same for the past 10
years.  You basically have 4 different types: your news sites
(sherdog, mmaweekly, mmajunkie, your forums (,,
etc...), your fantasy gaming sites ( mmaplayground, etc...) and then
everyone else who is just copying and taking news from of the 3 other
types.  But all those sites simply haven't changed in the past 10
years and are truly lacking, in my opinion.

In my eyes, what MMA fans want is a place to talk MMA in a way that
can "prove" their knowledge of the sport.  Kind of like building an
MMA reputation proving you know the sport. Not just some simple forum
site where you get a high post count and a new color belt logo next to
your name. I have a few ideas, but I'd like suggestions, if you are
interested, in what would make a good MMA site in your eyes.

If you've read this far into this email, then you are ( and probably
have been for a while ) a true MMA HQ fan, and I truly thank you for
making the last 5+ years a great experience for me.  The site never
made much money, but what I did make I tried to give back to all of
you through giveaway contests and prizes for the MMA HQ fight camp.  I
hope you've had a good time as well.  At the moment we have over 2,000
news stories and over 20,000 comments on the site, and I couldn't have
gotten even close to that without all of you.

If you feel like I've "sold out" or let you down in any way as a loyal
reader, I'm truly sorry.  I appreciate you sticking with me for the
past 5+ years, but its time for me to get paid and move on from in its current form.

- Craig "Dr J" Jolicoeur