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"Confirmation required" messages

"Confirmation required" messages

Mario Domenech Goulart
2014-01-05 @ 14:34

I've been receiving messages like the one below everytime I reply to
mailing list messages:


You (or someone pretending to be you) has asked to subscribe to
awful, but before I can do that I need you to confirm that you
really want to do this.  I know, I know, you hate having to confirm
everything you do, but if I don't confirm your request, then someone who
hates you can forge your identity.

We wouldn't want that now would we?  Good!


If you really did mean awful, then reply to this message
and I'll do it right away.  I'll send you one more message telling you
when I'm done.

Thank You,

The actual problem is not really that I have to confirm the messages I
send (although it's super annoying), but the fact that the confirmation
doesn't seem to be working, so my messages are not hitting the mailing
list.  How long does confirmation messages take to be processed?  I sent
some more than 10h ago and haven't received anything yet (like the "one
more message telling you when I'm done").  For the record, I have
checked and those messages don't seem to have been caught by the spam

Now I see
and my problem is likely to be that case.  I usually reply to all, and
the mailing list address end up in the Cc field.  If that is the case, I
think it should be at least more prominently mentioned somewhere in the

Best wishes.