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New Drop of Librelist with JSon Archives

New Drop of Librelist with JSon Archives

Zed A. Shaw
2009-07-28 @ 08:54
Alright, I did another drop of tonight, and this one is
gonna be tasty.

First up, the bugs.  Turns out I wasn't blocking noreply and unbounce in
the handlers, so it was possible to send librelist into a fit with
itself.  I now block though, and any address from, since
it shouldn't be talking to itself.

Next, I've got json formatted versions of each message in the archives.
The rsync will still only grab the MIME encoded maildirs like before,
but now the web access has two versions of each message:

This  is the original message.

And this is the JSon version. 

Notice the json version separates the headers that are about its
encoding from the other headers, and it also base64 encodes anything
that's not "text" or "message".

I'll be using this archive format when I make the archive browser web
interface this week.  Feel free to tinker with it yourself and feed me
any changes you find.  I'll also be having the site spit out json for
the indexes as well as html using a few nginx hacks.

Alright, stay tuned.

Zed A. Shaw