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Grouping emails?

Grouping emails?

Isa Ranjha
2013-04-24 @ 00:56

Currently, I have a UITableView showing the Inbox messages. What is the 
most efficient way to see if a label on the cells (the label that shows 
who the message is from) have more than one instance. For example, to 
detect if I have two emails from John Smith, instead of having two cells, 
have one cell with in this case a number 2 next to the name for the amount
of messages from the same person.

I am guessing it'll have to do with detecting if any two of the objects in
the array are the same and then seeing how many duplicates, deleting until
there is only one instance. But I want to know how to detect this, is this
even possible?

Thank you everyone!

— Isa Ranjha