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Test Email Archive; writing mail viewer

Test Email Archive; writing mail viewer

Kelly Gartner
2013-01-14 @ 14:16

I am working on an email viewer and am seeking some good test emails. I 
have found a couple of goog email archives at:

And was wondering if there were any others people might recommend or know 
of which is also publically available.

There is a lot of email here and the vast majority of it looks the same, 
so obviously it would not be necessary to test a viewer with each email. 
So, I was thinking about how I might be able to filter that email and pick
out the unique/interesting/challenging ones.

The best answer I have come up with so far is to take find unique mime 
structures, taking into account the mime type (multipart/alternative, 
text/plain, etc), whether the mime part is an attachment, it's content
disposition, charset, and transfer encoding. 

Does anyone have a better alternative?

Any thoughts people might have would be of interest, especially if someone
was aware of a custom NSView which was also capable of simply viewing