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[ANN] local-openid 0.3.0 - compatibility improvements

[ANN] local-openid 0.3.0 - compatibility improvements

Eric Wong
2012-07-01 @ 08:40

This release brings a major compatibility improvement
from Lionel Elie Mamane:

  The OpenID provider identifier and user identifier are now
  distinct and compliant with the OpenID 2.0 specification.

  The user identifier is unchanged: http://${HOST}/
  The provider identifier (and provider endpoint URL) is now

If you were not able to get local-openid working with a certain site in
the past, this version may work for you.  Please report any
compatibility problems to and hopefully
somebody can help.  Unreported issues can never be fixed.

The Sinatra dependency is relaxed to allow any 1.x version
(tested with 1.3.2 and 1.0.0).

* git://

Eric Wong