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2014-07-08 @ 16:31
Please forgive me if this is the second time this has appeared. After 
the first time I sent it, I got another "Confirmation Required" from 
librelist. I hope it gets thru this time.

I have just opened up Mint with the intention of using it--it has been 
installed for a while now--and I realize that Thunderbird does not seem 
to be readily available.
I have downloaded the compacted file from the Internet and decrypted it, 
but now I don't know what to do next. It is a whole slew of files. How 
do I go about installing this?

Please do not suggest that I use some other mail system. I have been 
committed to Thunderbird for several years after being badly burned by a 
Linux mail system and I
do not intend to let that happen again.

Thanx for your assistance--doug