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Fwd: SYDJS - [Job] Looking for a Web Developer

Fwd: SYDJS - [Job] Looking for a Web Developer

Brenda Butt
2013-04-07 @ 07:49
[Job] Looking for a Web Developer

Social media start up looking for a mid-level web developer to help build
up a web app. We need you to be up to date with the latest technologies and
ready to make a difference once this project takes off. You will mostly be
writing for the front end of the website, but also maintaining and
extending the existing Java back end. Skills and experiences which would
come in handy include:

• Experience building and maintaining front-end code for dynamic modern web
• Extensive hands-on experience with web technologies: HTML5, CSS,
• Familiarity with JavaScript libraries like jQuery, and Backbone.
• Know Java and the Spring framework.
• Proficient with Python and Django
• Some experience with backend technologies for web applications.
• Exposure to software design skills and experience with UI testing.
• Passion for usability, simplicity and consistency in user interface
• Excellent communication and collaborative skills.
• To improve the modularity and architecture of our existing front-end
code, reducing duplication and improving developer efficiency.

A typical start-up environment, relaxed, casual, with plenty of perks and
benefits, but more importantly an interesting, challenging and exciting
project that will keep you engrossed. You strive to create maintainable,
modular code in every area of the system and don't mind getting your hands
dirty with some backend plumbing when required.

Will initially be contract work with an immediate start, with permanent and
partnership options if you have the right skills and fit for the team. Not
looking for any particular "type" of person - so if you are a young and
energetic whiz kid, an experienced and wise professional or anything in
between, as long as you have the skills, passion and drive, please get in
touch. Please note, if you're looking for a 9-5 job, this is not for you.

To apply or for further details, please send your CV or email to

Thanks All!