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Adding files from subdirectory to the index

Adding files from subdirectory to the index

Xavier L.
2012-12-11 @ 06:54

I am currently using the treebuilder API and the blob API to create 
objects directly in the index. When I insert objects into the 
treebuilder without a subdirectory, the file gets added without issue. 
However, if I try to add the object into the treebuilder as a file in a 
subdirectory, treebuilder complains and doesn't add the file. I have 
searched the web, but there was nothing relating to that. I will add 
that the commit created will be the first in the repository.

How can I add files in a subdirectory? And if possible, can I do it 
without writing anything to the working dir, but keep everything in the 

Thank you,

Xavier L.

Xavier L.