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Fwd: GSoC questions

Fwd: GSoC questions

Vincent van Ravesteijn
2011-03-31 @ 12:04
On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 11:36 AM, Alexandru Sutii <> wrote:
> I have also used the original "usage.c" and "git-compat-util.h" for
> error handling.
> Is there a problem if the git2 client will reuse non-gitcore code, such
> as string parsing code, parameter parsing code, etc?

I guess the git2 client will consist solely of non-gitcore code, as
all the gitcore code will be part of libgit2 eventually.

I expect the transition to be not so difficult for many commands, but
the challenge I see is to do it not by 'reusing' git code, but by
'sharing' the code. Otherwise we end up with a second Git and someone
should spend a lifetime to keep the reused code in synchronisation
with the git repo.

This might, however, require some (major) refactorization to the Git
code. I don't know whether that will be supported by everyone.

On the other hand, we will get the bonus that using libgit2 in the
upstream git code is then becoming more trivial.

Maybe I'm aiming at too much here. It could well be that it is worth
writing the minimal git client to just be able to test libgit2 using
the git tests. Does anyone want to comment ?