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GSOC 11: Minimal git based client based on libgit2

GSOC 11: Minimal git based client based on libgit2

Sarath Lakshman
2011-03-29 @ 05:06

I am an undergraduate student from India who wants to contribute to
libgit2 during GSOC. I have worked with Fedora and Pardus during GSOC
2008, 2009 and 2010.

I am interested to work on libgit2 based minimal git client. I have
built the libgit2 from source and tried to write basic git tasks. I
have written a lot of python code in the past and now I look for
writing good C code. Definitely, writing a git client based on libgit2
seems interesting.

I have been using git for my previous GSOC projects as well as
personal projects for the past two years. I also have reasonable
understanding of git concepts and internals. I checked out git-core
code and had a look at the test cases shell script from t directory. I
am confident to implement basic git operations clone, checkout,
branch, commit, push, pull, log for a CLI static self executable.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.
Happy Hacking,
Sarath Lakshman