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[ANN] Leiningen 2.5.2

[ANN] Leiningen 2.5.2

Jean Niklas L'orange
2015-08-09 @ 13:50
Hello fellow hackers,

I am happy to finally announce the release of Leiningen 2.5.2, which I know
lot of you have been waiting for. This version is mainly a bugfix release,
there are also some new enhancements to the `new` command. To all the Cider
users out there, nREPL has also been updated to 0.2.10.

## 2.5.2 / 2015-08-09

* Allow repl dependencies to be specified in default user profiles. (Jean
Niklas L'orange)
* Fix a bug where transitive dependencies on tools.nrepl failed. (Jean
Niklas L'orange)
* Fix a bug preventing custom certificates to work. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
* Add support for reader conditional files. (Stephen Nelson)
* Add `--template-version` flag to `lein new`. (Ohta Shogo)
* Bail immediately if snapshot dependencies are discovered during
uberjaring. (Justin Smith)
* Use powershell by default in `lein.bat`. (Frederick Giasson, Florian
* Fix bug where manifest files could contain duplicate entries. (Michael
* Allow template designers to use a custom rendering function. (Dmitri
* Fix a bug where `:uberjar-name` wasn't used when inside the `:uberjar`
profile. (Kyle Harrington)

Running `lein upgrade` will pull in the latest stable release, and if you
into any issues you can always run `lein downgrade 2.5.1` to go back to the
previous release. Please report any issues on the Leiningen mailing list or
GitHub issue tracker.

Thanks to all the contributors and users who helped us get to this release.


As you may have realised, Phil is not the one releasing Leiningen this time
around. You can read more about this at

I would like to thank Phil for the countless hours he has spent making
into the amazing project and community it is. Leiningen is an important
part of
the Clojure community, and without Phil, we wouldn't be where we are now.

I am honoured to be Phil's successor as maintainer of Leiningen, and will
to do the job as well as Phil did.

-- Jean Niklas