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Next steps

Next steps

Phil Hagelberg
2015-07-25 @ 11:16
As is probably obvious to anyone following the Leiningen project, I'm no
longer involved in its day-to-day running. I haven't worked on any
nontrivial Clojure projects other than Leiningen since 2011. Even when a
part of my last job was to spend a portion of my time on Leiningen, I've
felt increasingly out of touch with the users of Leiningen.

It's been a long time coming, but I thought it would be a good time to
formalize what's been true for quite some time now; I will be stepping
down from leading the Leiningen project. Creating and leading this
project has been a huge part of my life over the past six years. I'm
very proud of what's we've accomplished together, but I'm more proud of
the community we've created.

Luckily the community contains many sharp hackers who understand the
core values of what makes Leiningen tick. I'm happy to hand off
leadership to Jean Niklas "hyPiRion" L'orange, whose many code
contributions to Leiningen and helpful responses on IRC speak for
themselves. I know the project will be in good hands with him at the helm.

I will still be around in the #leiningen channel on Freenode and will be
happy to answer questions around the more twisty tunnels of the guts of
the implementation, but I plan on just advising indirectly.

Thanks to all contributors for your help making Leiningen what it is
today, and thanks to hyPiRion for taking it from here to see where it
will go tomorrow.