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[ANN] Leiningen 2.5.1 released

[ANN] Leiningen 2.5.1 released

Phil Hagelberg
2015-01-09 @ 19:25
Greetings, hackers.

I'm happy to announce the release of Leiningen version 2.5.1. This version
contains mostly minor fixes related to profiles and aliases, but also a fix for
a rather annoying issue that caused lein upgrade/downgrade/self-install to
break on Windows.

Here's a full list of user-visible changes:

* No longer skip certificate checking when upgrading on Windows. (Phil Hagelberg)
* Fix password prompt for Cygwin users. (Carsten Behring)
* Fix a bug where `lein pom` did not add the project's SCM URL to pom.xml.
(Fredrick Giasson)
* `lein clean` now cleans up all profile targets. (Jeb Beich, Jim Crossley)
* The order included profiles are merged in is now retained. (Jim Crossley)
* Fix a bug preventing `update-in` to use functions not yet required. 
(Phil Hagelberg)
* Allow multiple `:repl` profiles. (Hugo Duncan)
* Fix an infinite recursion bug with aliases and `with-profile`. (Hugo Duncan)
* Add flexibility in jar manifest declarations. (Fabio Tudone)
* Fix a bug preventing extra profiles from being included in jars. (Hugo Duncan)
* Fix a bug in self-install on Windows. (Sindunata Sudarmaji)

For those who manually installed, `lein upgrade` will pull in the latest, and
`lein downgrade 2.5.0` will back it down to the previous version if you run
into any issues.

Thanks to all the contributors who made this happen!


ps. Since the last release, GitHub introduced a bug into their downloads
system which caused it to refuse jar files that didn't end in .zip. This
should not cause any problems for end users, but downstream packagers
who use the uberjars we provide will have to change their URL scheme to adapt.