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downloads bucket

downloads bucket

Phil Hagelberg
2015-01-03 @ 01:40

A while back GitHub turned off its "downloads" section, which we had
been using to host uberjar files for self-install. Releases after that
point had their files uploaded to a bucket on S3 instead. The first
release on S3 was 2.1.3. After a while the download costs for S3 began
to add up and GitHub turned back on its downloads section, so we moved
back; the last version on S3 was 2.3.4. 2.4.0 onwards (from last June)
have been back on GitHub.

I'm still getting billed every month for this bucket, though the bills
are lower than they were when it hosted the most recent releases. Today
I closed my AWS account, which rendered these files inaccessible, so
self-install for these old versions have begun to fail.

If there's a legitimate need for self-install of old versions to
continue working we could arrange something to bring them back online
temporarily, but leaving it up on my personal account indefinitely isn't
really sustainable. If we could arrange a sponsor that would work too,
but I'd much rather have everyone upgrading off the old versions.