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Peer not authenticated issue

Peer not authenticated issue

Colin Fleming
2014-02-26 @ 13:20
Hi all,

I'm the author of Cursive Clojure. I've had two users report an issue
whereby they can't transfer artifacts because they get an error like:

Could not transfer artifact hiccup:hiccup:jar:1.0.3 from/to clojars ( peer not authenticated

Leiningen works fine for both of them on the command line. For one of them
this happens both with clojars and with an internal repo. I've googled this
error but the only results I could find were Clojars specific, often with a
proxy involved (which isn't the case here).

I'm bundling Leiningen in Cursive, and the dependency synchronisation is
called in-process. I'd suspect some problem trying to load the bundled
clojars.pem but it seems unlikely that that would affect so few users, and
this also doesn't seem to be Clojars specific. I'm not yet sure what auth
method is used for the internal repo.

To sync the dependencies, the only lein code I call is
leiningen.core.project/read on the project file, and then
leiningen.core.classpath/dependency-hierarchy to get the artifacts. I mess
around a little with the dependencies before passing the project map to
lein, but not in any way that should affect certs and dependencies are the
only part of the project map I touch. Currently I have no profile support
so only the default profile is synced.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? I assume I'm doing
something wrong in the Lein initialisation code since it works from the
command line for them, but it seems really odd that it happens for only two
users if that's the case. I'm not really sure how to go about debugging
this with them.

Thanks for any help,