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Leiningen book?

Leiningen book?

Gregg Reynolds
2013-09-01 @ 14:32

I started working on some documentation tweaks and ended up going a little
overboard, so I decided to try something different.  I don't find any
specialized books on Leiningen, and DITA has matured to the point where
there are several good tools and lots of info available on the web.  So I
put together a prototype:

Take a look at doc/pdf/ugbook.pdf.  Just an example.  Typeset using DITA
Open Toolkit.  Formatting can be customized relatively easily.

If you're not familiar with DITA a little searching online will produce
useful info.  There are lots of advantages to using DITA to make "real"
documentation.  Markdown is fine for quick and dirty doco, but it's not
really appropriate for the real thing.

Any interest in a community-produced Leiningen Documentation Library
(User's Guide, Technical Reference, Cookbook, etc.)?  For a great example
of what's possible see (Latex, not DITA, but
the point is use of GitHub to collaboratively produce a Real Book.)

Note that DITA Open Toolkit can be customized to produce markdown docs from
DITA source, if that's needed.