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[ANN] lein-clojars and lein-outdated are now deprecated

[ANN] lein-clojars and lein-outdated are now deprecated

Alex Osborne
2013-06-21 @ 15:13
I've decided to stop maintaining lein-clojars and lein-outdated as their 
functionality has been superseded.

lein-clojars was a plugin for deploying to Clojars over SSH. Leiningen 
has been able to push jars to Clojars out of the box with the builtin 
"lein deploy clojars" for some time now and HTTPS deploys have become 
the preferred mechanism. For the new ways to push see

lein-outdated checks if newer versions of a project's dependencies are 
available. It began life as a quick proof of concept in response to a 
question on IRC and never really progressed much further. It's always 
suffered from inaccurately sorting version numbers and it can take a 
long time to download the Lucene indexes. It was rewritten by Yannick 
Scherer as lein-ancient which doesn't require the Lucene indexes and has 
a lot more functionality.