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Re: [leiningen] Windows firewall - Hair on fire

Re: [leiningen] Windows firewall - Hair on fire

Phil Hagelberg
2013-05-29 @ 16:38
John Sampson writes:

> Typing 'lein repl' starts the Clojure REPL but Windows Firewall blocks 
> some features of Java - what is unsafe?

I don't know anything about Windows, but `lein repl` starts an nREPL
server. However, it's only listening on localhost, so there's nothing
unsafe that needs blocking.

If you can't fix your firewall you can try running `lein run -m
clojure.main/main` but you will lose out on most of the fancy repl
features Leiningen adds. I think you could also try `lein trampoline run
-m reply.ReplyMain` to invoke the enhanced repl outside nREPL if you add
a dependency to [reply "0.2.0"] to your :dev profile.