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Windows firewall - Hair on fire

Windows firewall - Hair on fire

John Sampson
2013-05-27 @ 10:25
I am a newbie to Java, Leiningen and Clojure.

Environment variables:
For the CLASSPATH I have 
For LEIN_JAR I have C:\lein\leiningen-2.0.0-preview7-standalone.jar

I tracked down an obscure error message which I found was caused by 
lein.bat setting  LEIN_VERSION to 2.1.2
- whether there are other incompatibilities I don't know.

Typing 'lein' at the command prompt now produces some introductory remarks.

Typing 'lein repl' starts the Clojure REPL but Windows Firewall blocks 
some features of Java - what is unsafe?


John Sampson