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Packaging and uploading a WAR to a repository

Packaging and uploading a WAR to a repository

Colin Yates
2013-05-01 @ 13:07

I understand I can generate a war with 'lein ring uberwar'.  How do I get
this uploaded to a local or remote repository?

My use case is I have one lein project for my web application and another
maven project which uses cargo to execute my jmeter tests.  One of the
options I have is to reference the WAR-under-test as a standard maven

What I need to do is do the equivalent of 'mvn deploy' in a project whose
packaging type is 'war'.  Then in my second project I can simply reference
the created WAR using its maven artifacts (group, artifactId etc.).

I have looked at the lein sample config and there is no 'packaging' element
to configure.

Any ideas?