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Leiningen, Ring, and "Twelve-Factor App" principles

Leiningen, Ring, and "Twelve-Factor App" principles

Josh Tilles
2013-03-08 @ 00:26
How have other people applied (or consciously deviated from) the ["Twelve 
Factors"]( I'm most concerned about [III: 
Config]( and [V: Build, release, 

These questions are motivated by some recent work deploying a Clojure app 
as an uberwar to a Tomcat 6 container and spending much time figuring out 
why the environmental variables weren't getting set. After examining the 
implementation of [environ]( and 
[lein-ring](, I understand why 
the variables that were accessible in `lein ring server` were not in the 
deployed result of `lein ring uberwar`. However, it's not obvious to me 
what the kosher solution is.

I'm happy to provide more information; I just wasn't sure what level of 
detail in the initial message would be best.