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Re: [leiningen] namespacing lein environment variables

Re: [leiningen] namespacing lein environment variables

Phil Hagelberg
2013-03-14 @ 22:01
David Powell writes:

> In looking at making a lein installer for windows, and my plan was to set
> LEIN_JAVA_CMD to point to a sensible JDK.  However, I notice that
> LEIN_JAVA_CMD is only the path to 'java.exe' for leiningen itself, but it
> uses 'JAVA_CMD' as the path for launching java processes within leiningen.
> So really, I should be setting JAVA_CMD in my installer.

Just to follow up with the conversation from IRC, all the non-prefix
environment variables indicate that they're intended to be system-wide
settings that Leiningen honors if they are set. The best way to change
the java command lein uses for project JVMs is through :java-cmd in the
user profile.