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Re: [leiningen] Issue #957, thoughts wanted

Re: [leiningen] Issue #957, thoughts wanted

Phil Hagelberg
2013-03-14 @ 23:50
Jean Niklas L'orange writes:

> There are some other viable options to handle this, but my main
> question now is how important it is to send EOFs to subprocesses. I'm
> mainly asking because this issue has been *way* more hairy than I
> expected it to be, and I'm unsure if I have enough time to solve this
> by the 17th of March. If it's not that important, it would be better
> to not put this in the 2.1.0 milestone, and let it be a bonus if it's
> added in it.

We discussed this on IRC, and the verdict was that we're OK with
breaking .readPassword in certain chaining edge cases in order to fix
EOF issues as long as it can be done in a way that makes it clear what's
wrong and suggests alternate workarounds.

Thanks to Jean for your patience and willingness to dive into this
particularly hairy issue.