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namespacing lein environment variables

namespacing lein environment variables

David Powell
2013-03-14 @ 15:36
In looking at making a lein installer for windows, and my plan was to set
LEIN_JAVA_CMD to point to a sensible JDK.  However, I notice that
LEIN_JAVA_CMD is only the path to 'java.exe' for leiningen itself, but it
uses 'JAVA_CMD' as the path for launching java processes within leiningen.

So really, I should be setting JAVA_CMD in my installer.

My issue here is that environment variables are a shared space.  Shouldn't
leiningen try to namespace its customisation variables a bit to avoid
clashing with other scripts?  I'm uncomfortable with globally setting

Is a separate launcher variable for lein vs tasks really needed, given than
projects can override the java cmd in their project?  Could we just do away
with JAVA_CMD?

I notice that the scripts make reference to  JAVA_OPTS / JVM_OPTS too;
however these don't actually seem to be used, in favour of LEIN_JVM_OPTS.