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Planning for 2.1.0

Planning for 2.1.0

Phil Hagelberg
2013-02-22 @ 18:49
Hi folks.

With the Clojure/West conference coming up soon I thought that might be
a good time to target the release of Leiningen 2.1.0. I've gone over the
issue list and updated the milestone for 2.1 with everything I think
might be a good fit for this release. Right now there are ten.

Is there anything missing that should go in?

The biggest thing on the list is preventing version ranges from
interfering with dependency resolution, which has been a cause of very
subtle confusion in the past. This will also let us get :eval-in :nrepl
into the hands of more users, which addresses the most common complaint
about Leiningen: startup time.

If there are any on that list you'd like to implement (and there are a
few issues tagged "newbie" that would be good first-time contributions)
feel free to assign them to yourself.