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Re: [leiningen] improved lein search filtering?

Re: [leiningen] improved lein search filtering?

Phil Hagelberg
2013-12-02 @ 19:15
Dave Tenny writes:

> What I really want is a unique list of artifacts that match, or just the
> most recent version of a kit, and so on.

Yeah, that's totally reasonable. The search task has some unfortunate
history behind it--we used to do our searches directly through Lucene,
which gave us lots of flexibility. Unfortunately the index downloads
required for Lucene proved too bandwidth-intensive for the big-leagues
repositories to continue offering, so they switched to a different
format that allowed incremental downloads. It's a lot more efficient,
but we've lost the ability to do searches with the raw Lucene API, and
everything has to go through the maven-indexer library:

There is probably a way to specify a search faceted by group-id and
artifact-id which only shows the latest version for each hit, but I
haven't had the chance to dive into the specific API required for
it. Would be happy to take a patch for this if you'd like to give it a